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4 Gallon
$282.95 Each

Product description

A releasable pressure sensitive adhesive designed for modular carpet tiles and Double Bond carpet cushions. This enhanced formula ensures adhesion for the most demanding recycled backings.



There are many factors to consider when choosing the appropriate adhesive for your project. Your choice can vary depending on the type of product you will be working with, where the product is being installed and more. Please ensure your choice of adhesive is the best option for your application prior to use, as choosing the incorrect adhesive can have a strong negative impact on the integrity and durability of your installation, and can often impact the products warranty.


Commercial and Residential Applications, Modular Carpet Tile/ Vinyl Backed Carpet

Other information

Please refer to the TEC WEBSITE for all current SDS/MSDS information.

Price book page: A-24


Actual size:
4 Gallon
$282.95 Each

All ceramics are sold in FULL CARTONS ONLY unless otherwise stated in the Centura London price book

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*The colours represented on this website may vary slightly from the actual product colours.  Please view actual samples prior to making your selection.  Please note that all information is intended as a guideline.  Please ensure that the product you selected is suited for the area(s) they are to be installed in.  Site conditions and installation procedures are the responsibility of the customer.