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2″ (50mm) DRAIN OUTLET
74.88 Each

Product description

Schluter®-KERDI-DRAIN is a floor drain specifically designed to allow connections to Schluter®-KERDI or other load-bearing, bonded waterproof membranes. The membrane is adhered to the large integrated bonding flange to form a waterproof connection at the top of the drain assembly. KERDI-DRAIN consists of a drain casing and fully adjustable grate assembly or covering support to which tile is applied. The grate assembly accommodates a wide range of tile thicknesses and allows lateral and tilt adjustment as well. The covering support is placed flush with the top of the bonding flange and can therefore accommodate any thickness tile covering. See page 116-132 in the Schluter catalogue for more information.


Other information

This kit includes: 1 drain with integrated bonding flange, 4 inside and 2 outside KERDI-KERECK preformed waterproofing corners, 1 KERDI-SEAL-PS pipe seal 3/4″, 1 KERDI-SEAL-MV mixing valve seal 4-1/2″, Don’t forget! The KERDI-DRAIN grate kit must be selected separately.



Actual size:
2″ (50mm) DRAIN OUTLET
74.88 Each

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